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Rendez-Vous Bakery – parles vous breakfast?

I dont know about you but breakfast is my most favorite meal of the day. In addition to the being the most important meal of the day,  its also the meal I love more than any other. Some would say I like them all and to them I say: shut it. I simply love breakfast….and not weekday, just before work type of breakfast where you eat a container of Greek yoghurt and a banana. That doesn’t count. I’m talking about the weekend breakfast… the one you eat around 10:00 a.m. after you’ve slept in an extra hour or two (or until 8:30 a.m. which is the extent of my sleeping in these days). Breakfast on the weekend is an event in and of itself. Where to go? There are so many choices. Who am I going with? What type of breakfast do I want… do I want to catch up with my girlfriends and discuss the events of the night or week before? Do I want to go with someone else who not only enjoys a good breakfast but also wants to  read the newspaper without the need for conversation? or who perhaps slept over the night before? Or do I just want to go alone before I set off to start a million errands that  day… decisions decisions.

I’ve lived in the northern eastern part of Broward County for about two years now. It took a little time to find my favorite breakfast spots. I had known about Egg n You, a diner on Federal Highway and 26th street for years  having gone there frequently with an ex before moving out this way. Its an old greasy spoon that’s been around since the 50’s. I’m not kidding when I say some of the waitresses (or wait staff? whats the pc name these days?) have worked there longer than I’ve been alive. As such, they could navigate the place with their eyes shut.  I like Egg  n You for its simplicity. They poach an egg really well, and since I like things cooked well done, they always deliver perfectly well done bacon and hash browns upon request.  Incidentally, they do a phenomenal BLT which is taken to whole new level when you ask for a fried egg on it (and then its called a BELT. Get it?). Its cheap and delicious and everything a diner should be.

I then discovered the wonder that is Cypress Nook. At the time I moved to the area, New Times had crowned the Nook (to those in the know) as the best place to eat breakfast in Broward County. And for a while I agreed. Its not that I dont agree anymore or that the quality has gone down, its still a fantastic place for breakfast, its just Ive discovered other places I like just as much. Cypress Nook is owned by a German woman named Elsie and shes present every time Ive eaten there, overseeing each  meal that leaves the kitchen. The Nook is set up in a little house off of McNab Road in Pompano Beach. Its cute and quaint and everyone dines in a small room where at times you feel like you’re literally eating on top of each other. Yet its never that suffocating. Elsie serves traditional breakfast as well as a lot of German fare (think German sausages). Her cooks also know how to make a perfect poached egg and her hash browns are to die for. The eggs benedict is among one of the best I’ve ever had and on occasion I’ll order one (yes a singular) banana pancake as a treat. There are real slices of banana in the pancake and its light and fluffy and one is more than enough. The Nook is as good  as breakfast gets.

A few minutes away from the Nook is Michael’s Cafe. Located off of Federal highway and cypress Creek Road (in some shopping center), Michael’s Cafe is a small cafe serving breakfast and lunch only. Its a French American cafe and on the weekends they have any number of specials on the blackboard behind the counter… Blue Crab Benedict, various omelets and fritatas. All served with a complimentary mimosa. They have standard breakfast specials as well but there are two things I love from Michael’s. One, their spinach omelet, with a mixture of spinach, tomato and sauteed onions. Its a large omelet and if you were inclined to share or take it home you’d be happy ordering this. The sauteed veggies in this omelet are to die for – Popeye would shed a tear. The other thing they do really well, and on the opposite end of the health spectrum is their “banana bread”. I put it in quotes because there’s nothing bread like about it. Its banana and chocolate and lets face it – its a cake. A delicious cake. Served warm with a scoop of whip cream on top… Oh my groceries (as my gym instructor likes to say) is it fabulous. Clearly, its more of a dessert and thus only to be ordered on very special occasions . I highly suggest you get you some one day.

So, given all these amazing options I have, you probably think there’s no room for a new breakkie place in my life. Au contraire mes aimes. For I have discovered  a new love – its French and hunky like my new favorite actor (Guillaume Cadet in “Last night” go watch and ladies I dare you not to fall in love with him and those dimples…) Ok so its not hunky but its French and fabuleux. Ive passed it countless times and after reading a glowing review, my friends and I set off to try Rendez Vous. Located on east Oakland Park Boulevard and15th Avenue  its a little cottage like building that serves as a restaurant and bakery. Open for only breakfast and lunch, 7 days a week, it closes around 3:00 p.m. While it had a decent lunch menu (think moules (mussels) and frites (fries. duh.), caprese salad, French Dip, Quiches to name a few), it is breakfast that shines here.

If you want just plain eggs and toast, go to a diner or Denny’s. If you want something more…then hit this place up. Upon opening the menu my eyes were immediately drawn to Eggs Forestiere – two poached eggs in a wild mushroom sauce. Creamy and full of sliced mushrooms this tastes like a creamy marsala. But better. Ask for your eggs poached well, unless you like them runny (ick).  This is served with fresh french bread. Our was served cold. Ask them to toast the bread and then dip it in your creamy bowl of heaven.

Also noteworthy are these dishes:

Quicke Aux Onions. Puffed pastry quiche with egg batter baked inside with onion marmalade and Swiss cheese. The crust was perfectly crusty and crunchy with a soft interior full of this delicious onion marmalade. We cut it before we took the photo… oops.

Crepes with fresh strawberries and Nutella. It has the magic word – Nutella aka the nectar of Gods. Nuff said. I would eat an old tire if it had Nutella on it. Dont even bother arguing with me on this for I will ignore you and delete your comments.

Spinach Pochette. A puff pastry filled with spinach, garlic and onions. The flakey outside was fantastic and despite the fact it was filled with spinach and we knew it was filled with spinach, all of the spinach was a bit overpowering. This dish is great but probably better shared. Oh and its served with a side of that delicious mushroom sauce.

Last but not least – the Eggs Benedict. It was just okay… I think the problem with it was their failure to toast the English muffin. Or maybe it just pales in comparison to some of the other standouts on the menu. I mean look at that plate…I feel sad for it.

Rendez Vous gets moderately packed for brunch on the weekends. The menu says they stop serving breakfast at 11:30 a.m. but you can still order it if you get there around noon…and ask nicely.  Also try their fresh squeezed OJ. Also one last little thing – a complaint – the service is a bit slow. We had to wait a loooong time for our server to bring the check on a few occasions. Anyway, on that note, Bon Appetit.

3.5  out of 5 forks

Rendez-Vous Bakery, 1576 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Oakland Park

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