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Blue Moon Fish Company – Lauderdale by the Sea

It’s been a while my friends. Life has been busy and got off track. The blog was not merely a shiny a new toy I lost interest in, as I knew I’d come back to it. Ive been doing my homework…I just needed a small kick up my bum to make me sit down and start writing again – a rainy day was that kick.

About a month or so ago I jumped on a Groupon for Blue Moon Fish Company. I had eaten there several times – a brunch here and there, an office Christmas party to watch the Boat Parade but it had been a really long time since  I went just for dinner on a non-holiday themed night. I forgot a few things about Blue Moon – one, it has a really lovely menu from appetizers to the mains to the dessert. I liked everything I saw and it has something for everyone. Second, there are few nice places right on the intracoastal. Apart from Houston’s, there really isnt much else. Sometimes you need to just stop and smell the salt water – or er, roses.

With my mum in town, I decided to use the Groupon with her and we had a fantastic meal (and time) from start to finish. On this particular Tuesday night, the dining room and spacious waterside seating was pleasantly full and happening. It seems everyone who bought a Groupon couldn’t wait to turn their voucher in.

We started off with two (very strong) pomegranate martinis which our very attentive waiter suggested. I dont know if it had just been a while since I’d had a martini but they were very strong and turned us both into two giddy school girls. (But did I mention how strong they were?) One  would have been enough for me and one was definitely enough for my mother – so we ordered a second one of course.

We decided to forgo main plates in favor of sharing the impressive seafood tower and a delicious gooey Baked Brie appetizer served with fruit and crackers, with dessert to follow. Because we wanted the souffle (raspberry chocolate and Grand Marnier – why not get all 3?) we ordered it at the start of the meal otherwise you’re SOL – it takes 45 minutes to bake. The meal started with some soft warm bread and roasted garlic that spread like butter (what a slutty description). There was more bread than this in the basket – I just forgot to take the picture first…shocking.

The baked brie. Prosciutto wrapped brie with sundried tomato, walnuts, green apple relish and Jamaican Rum butter. I dont think much more needs to be said… great combination of flavors, very savory and easy to finish.

The seafood tower… lobster, oysters (we ordered extra), shrimp, clams, tuna tartare, ceviche… you get the drift. Fresh, light and delightful…it paved the way for our decadent dessert which was brought out five minutes after we finished the tower and well after our buzz was firmly under way…

I’m glad I bought the Groupon and could kick myself for not getting a second one. That will not prevent me from going back though as we thoroughly enjoyed this meal and I saw a few main fish plates that beg for my return.

3.5 Forks out of 5

Blue Moon Fish Company, Commercial Boulevard, Lauderdale by the Sea

Blue Moon Fish Co. on Urbanspoon


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